Announcements: Road Marking Machine V 100 Special

20.5 HP engine and variable displacement drive: This application allows the marking machine to always
maintain the desired working speed, keeping it that way
during the ascents and descents automatically. The increased engine power and variable displacement
traction increase the performance, in terms of power,
speed and safety, of the marking machine. The road marking machine appears to be more linear in
the delivery of power (both when braking and
accelerating) used during. We are available for any kind of clarification
and / or information.

Announcements: Electronic device for broken lines Vezzani (AEV1)

After years of scrupulous studies, the Vezzani's 
electronic assistant (AEV1) is now available.

- possibility to set any measurement ("full / empty") of
broken line to be made.

- the system allows you to count the meters of paint
actually applied during work.

- the system allows the control of: speed and hours of
work, total distance, battery voltage. Applicable to all machines equipped with an electric start
engine (R30 SS / 50 with electric start, R30 SS / 100
and V 100 Special)

We are available for any kind of clarification and / or


For over 60 years every Vezzani road-marking machine has been a success, not only because it is equipped with the best technology, but also because it is manufactured to scrupulous criteria of practical operation, sturdiness, and safety to CE standards.

The efficiency over time of Vezzani's road-marking machines is moreover assured by our prompt repair and overhaul service and our "emergency" spare parts service.

All models use the low - pressure system "Airspray" for all types of cold paint .

Suitable for any type of work, from road and company signs to airport signs up to national and international MotoGp and F1 Circuits.

We are also manufacturers of our spray guns mod. Vezzani, both automatic and manual.

The spray guns, the steel frame and assembly are carried out strictly by hand under scrupulous checks and criteria of operational functionality and robustness. They guarantee high quality and long life to the road marking machine.

Our road marking machines are equipped with all safety systems, and related certifications.

Circuits Moto Gp and Formula 1

Our road marking machine may be used with paints approved for circuits of Moto Gp and Formula 1


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We offer customers a complete assistance service, repairs at our headquarters, spare parts prompt 

intervention and training courses, as manufacturers of our road marking machines. Express and fast shipping for your needs.