Company & Sports signage

Signal Secur Prof / Sport

The safety standard in work places required by l.d. 81/2008 and by the rules envisaged by ISO certifying bodies oblige businesses to execute and to perfectly maintain the ground level traffic sign within their permises. A suitable, cheap and pratical professional device for marking these signs by oneselves was missing. Continual requests by our costumers have induced our firm a 60 year experienced business specialized in traffic-sign machines, to designe and execut signal secur prof. This is an electric machine for marking traffic - signs in businesses, which is very small - sized, handy, pratical and easy to use. It is suitable for spraying long lasting epoxidic and polyurethane paints, capable of strongly adhering to business floors and resistant to fork - truck passage.

Engine : one-phase electric compressor with relevant pressure switch and safety valve.23 lt. air reservoir, in accordance with ce rules, with pressure regulator and manometer for pressure checking.

Tank : 5 lt.

Spraying unit : disk marking unit for perfectly executing and limiting the lines marked, which can range from 5 to 10 cm. Professional spray-gun with a 3 mm - nozzle in which the quantity of paint can be adjusted.

Other standard equipment :

● telescopic indicator
● two anti-bore tires + 1 fixed, solid-rubber front-wheel (radius to be set out in the sport model)
● adjustable handlebar

Accessories available:

● revolving front wheel
● gun manual type

Overall dimension in working position: 130x70x90 cm.

Weights with no load : 45 kg.